Hi, I’m Tamas Bedo.

As a transformative coach I have been blessed to work with hundreds of individuals from some of the most challenged to the most successful. My clients include top-level poker players, athletes, CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Based on my work with people from all situations in life, I have been able to study human nature, psychology, and behavior in depth. This made me able to see certain distinctions that help us unleash more of our human potential.

My clients often describe the changes they experience by phrases like success becomes effortless, relationships deepen, an inner freedom and confidence emerges, and joyful fulfillment becomes more of the natural way of being.


My main power lies in helping people realize how powerful they already are without the limiting stories they hold about themselves and their lives. We have deep conversation. I help the person I talk with ignite deep, lasting change from the inside out. We slow down. We talk. And then miracles happen.

I take my clients through a powerful inner journey where they realize their own innate power and potential, melting away those deeply held thoughts of limitation. And in turn their lives change.

Seemingly impossible goals don’t seem that impossible anymore. The inner pressure and stress to achieve is replaced by an inner calling and inspiration to make the wildest dreams into reality.

Connections with other people deepen. An inner sense of joy, freedom and peace emerges.

Life becomes lighter, and more fulfilling. Performing at higher levels seems more natural and at ease.

I hope to support you on this journey.

Let me know how I can serve you.

To your extraordinary life,