I don't improve my clients' lives. I transform them.

Many people focus on small, incremental changes. I don't. I focus on exponential growth. I believe we have infinite potential we can tap into, and I love seeing my client's achieve extraordinary goals, and create a deeply fulfilling life.

Through luck I stumbled upon personal growth materials over 12 years ago, when I really needed it. I was an introverted, reserved guy with lack of social life, and direction for myself. As I started reading about social dynamics, psychology, winning mentality, business building, my life started to completely change over the years.

I created the life I was dreaming about. I had the prosperity to live an amazing quality freedom lifestyle where for years I was travelling 4-6 months within a year, exploring the world and attending some of the best training programs I could get to. I mastered the dating life where I experienced abundant opportunities and deep, wonderful connections with amazing women. For many years I've been coaching hundreds of men around social confidence, man-to-woman relating, and dating life mostly in Hungary and for a while in the USA, where I was one of the coaches for the biggest dating company in the world for men. Now I live in a loving, committed relationship with the woman I chose.

I pursued my passion for mastery, and invested over $150.000 to be coached, mentored, and trained by some of the best teachers and coaches in the areas of High Performance, Personal Growth, Human Transformation, Business, and Spirituality. I take my personal and professional development seriously, which has been yielding amazing results for me and my clients.

I believe we can have any life we dream about if we put in the work. With the right mentality and action I've seen amazing things happen in life for people.

Over the last 10 years I've coached close to 1000 people on high performance, social skills, business success, relationships, and personal fulfillment. I've done dozens of speeches. And wrote a book detailing the work I've done with over 300 professional poker players, including those who have become some of the best players in the world by now.

I absolutely believe in coaching. Over the years I could witness profound transformations in my client's lives, and have experienced it myself as well.

Other things you might like to know about me:

  • My key drivers are Mastery and Contribution.
  • For most of my lives I've been afraid of commitment.
  • I can be a perfectionist. It has been a source of many of my achievements and many of my frustrations as well.
  • I'm not always happy.
  • I love travelling alone. Many people find it weird. This has been one of the most profound ways for my personal growth.
  • I can over-analyze things, and thus end up making simple decisions look complex.
  • I've been part of men's group for 3 years now. With the current now for 2 years, with 6 of us friends. We have a meeting every Tuesday at 6 pm. And we have a mentor figure, who is one of the wealthiest business men in my country. Our men's group has been truly impactful in our lives.
  • I can be confrontational, and very direct in my feedback.
  • I've had a deep interest in spirituality and personal fulfillment over the last 4 years, which has impacted my life greatly, and gave a good balance to my achiever self.
  • I don't know much about certain topics, like politics. However in my areas of interest I consider myself an expert: People, High Performance, Psychology of winning and success, Personal growth and Men-Woman relating.
  • I am deeply inspired by people who have a profound impact on humanity: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King
  • Also over the years I've been drawn to read and study the lives of extraordinary achievers: Michael Phelps, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson, Sam Walton, Walt Disney, Andrew Carnegie, etc.
  • People say my presence is deeply calming, and helps them get back to their core stability and see life from a new perspective.