How to learn poker faster and play better

What is that invisible factor that plays a big role in elite performers’ success?

I talk about this factor in the video which I recently recorded while I was in New York, which is an interesting place for sure. So check it out.

I recently had an interesting discussion in a coaching call with a poker backing group I work with. We talked about what determines someone’s level of success in poker.

I shared with them what I have come to see by working with people over the years. Working with top performers in the fields of poker, business, and sports I started to see an interesting pattern amongst them.

Part of the reason they have become so good is that they approached the given field, let’s say poker, with genuine interest, love, curiosity, openness, passion, or something along these lines.

This attitude makes our brain primed for learning and growing.

It becomes like a sponge, makes connections faster, comes up with solutions, internalizes things easier.

You can just look back at your high school studies. How easily did you do well in topics which interested you? And how was it in classes that totally didn’t get your interest?

I know for me math, English, and IT were the easiest classes ever, I loved them.

Ten years ago, I got into the world of personal development and wanted to understand books on the subject which were written in English It made my brain was super primed to learn the language.

However, with German that was not the case, even though I learned it for 10 years.

But here is the thing.


What if poker is innately neutral?

Not good, not bad, not fair or unfair, not ugly or beautiful or whatever else. But neutral.

And our mind colors it through our thinking.

For some players spin-&-go is super monotone and boring. For others, it’s the best game ever. So which one is true?



What if you could put aside your made-up thoughts about poker, and approach the game with a clean sheet and fresh eyes?

What if you could hit the reset button, and create space for new thoughts to appear about the game at any moment?

And maybe by approaching the game with neutrality, without all those made-up thoughts about it, you can start focusing on things you find great or beautiful in it. On things which you can appreciate.

Or find new things about it; be curious and interested in it, and focus on bringing up that love for the games which is inside you if you started to play this game.

It was always there within you even if sometimes your thoughts covered it up, and made you feel separated from the game or resent it.


What if you fall in love with the game again?

Let these words be some insight catalysts, and see if anything new occurs to you regarding the games. Read/watch this post again and again for the next month or so to remind yourself for the love and curiosity for the game.



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