You have a desire to create an extraordinary life by your own design.
You are ready to go to the next level.
You want to live an exponential life instead of an incremental life.
You don't want to end up with a default future, you want to create the future you desire deep within.

My coaching programs are designed to deeply transform your life (or certain areas of it), not just add value to it.

We uncover your deepest dreams, craft a powerful vision for your life, and make it happen. We work through any blocks, setbacks and challenges that would be in the way.

My aim is to provide every client with the best possible coaching experience, and have them feel this has been the best investment in their entire life.

I've been fortunate to work with close to 1000 individuals, including some of the top performers in the world in certain areas, like World-class poker players, World and European Champion athletes, C-suite executives for top level companies, and high-net-worth individuals. This has given me the opportunity to really understand what shapes people's lives on the deepest level, and how I can support people in creating the dream life they desire.

We often experience remarkable changes in my client's lives. Here are a few examples:

  • They set new records in their income
  • They achieve goals which seemed impossible
  • They grow their business
  • They deeply transform their relationships (whether in business or at home with their partner)
  • They experience more presence, calmness, inner security, and personal fulfillment

Leaders and top performers like Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Kobe Bryant, say everyone needs a coach. I'm not entirely sure about that. I'd say people who want to actualize their full potential and have high aspirations, they often choose to have a coach because they understand we all have blind-spots and we are the easiest people to fool as we have powerful built in biases that often hold us back.

I don't have a set agenda of how I work with people. It is deeply intuitive and tailored for what is needed for you.

I am not the coach who tells you what to do. I don't play on that level. I know you are the expert in your life. I am just supporting you to live from your power and innate clarity. My aim is to help you see clearly, and lean into bigger questions that will direct you to better actions.

If you’re serious about going somewhere you’ve never been, pushing higher and further than you or anyone else thought you could, then it’s time to trust the voice inside telling you to do what you know you can do and create a truly remarkable life.

My clients and I work together, and their lives often change beyond recognition.

My coaching is not for everyone. This opportunity will cost you more than money. You must be ready to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to creating something so powerful in your life that it will have a lasting impact.

Let’s talk when you’re ready, and your life will transform.

The initial consultation (or a series of consultations if needed – there is no rush) is free. During this meeting (which takes up to two hours), I assess your situation and explain how I work. People sometimes tell me about profound shifts taking place just as a result of this initial meeting. It could be a conversation unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. You might be shaken up with a new perspective on life from the get-go. If we find there is a great connection we talk about possible ways to work together.

Please note that by agreeing to meet me, you’re agreeing to the possibility that you may be coached right then and there. And bear in mind that I don’t hold back. Ever.