Love is our true essence

I always had some resistance towards the above statement. My mind couldn’t really accept it.

Yesterday as I was riding the subway towards Times square and looked at the people around me, I felt a deep love and gratitude for our common humanity.

Then it all made sense.


I remembered back to an incident couple weeks ago. With a buddy of mine we were sitting in a restaurant overlooking beautiful Lisbon on a sunny day.

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Being in the Flow

On one of our sessions a guy I used to coach told me that basically what I help people with is to live more in the flow in life.

As I reflected on that for a moment, I had to agree with him.

We have all experienced those moments in our lives when we were immersed in an activity, time flew by or slowed down (however it felt like), things felt effortless, we could come up with the right decisions or right words to say.

Whether it be about being in the flow in a conversation with a person where we are deeply connected, fully present, and listening.

Or in doing an activity, like playing a sport, or poker, where you feel you can effortlessly perform at your best, and you feel more in touch with your intuition.


These moments are glimpses into what is really possible for us when we are at our full potential in the moment.

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One problem, One solution

“What if there was only one problem we could have, and there is one solution to that?” – I asked the participants of a recent group coaching call I did for a poker backing group.

Along the years as a coach I had worked with hundreds of people from all situations in life.

Poker players, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Athletes, Office workers, parents, kids, etc.

There were people who had abundant circumstances, and high-level achievements in their professions. And also people who were just getting by. People with depression, addictions, burnout were also included.

This gave me the chance to witness all kind of problems people said to have.

However after a while this also made me realize there is actually only one problem, and one solution.

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When checking the poker graph can hurt your results


Last week we have been doing a 7-day challenge in our ‘Poker & Life Mastery Community‘, the topic was going “From results- to Process-oriented”.

This has prompted me to write an article about the usefulness of checking the poker graph. It is a well discussed topic in the poker world, and something that comes up from time to time in my work with poker clients.

One thing I haven’t heard yet from poker players (and I have been in the poker world as a player and the last couple years as a coach) is that checking the poker graph helps them to play better, and make better decisions.

I want to say right in the beginning is that looking at the poker graph I believe is neutral. Not good, not bad. However since we are humans, and have our own personal thinking, it usually causes some problems for players.

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Playing in the Zone in Poker

Playing in the zone can seem like this magical state that happens when the stars align on the sky.

But let’s demystify it, and see what does it mean to be in the zone.

I had so much fun shooting this video in Lisbon while exploring the city. I talk about some basic misconceptions on what it takes to be in the flow, and perform at our best.

The notion I propose in it: What if flow is our default nature?

What if you don’t have to think yourself into being in the flow, but rather the opposite.

When you stop getting in your own way, flow happens surprisingly easily.

I go deeper into it in the video, check it out, and leave your comments below.

The Ultimate Guide on Physical Energy & Vitality for High Performance

In my job, as a coach, where I work with high achievers from different fields, I have seen that most people aren’t even aware of how much more energy they could have in their life if they were making some changes. When they go on to make those changes, the extra vitality and improved performance they experience is at a level they couldn’t imagine before.

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Thoughts on Productivity – Is procrastination really the bad guy?

You might know this feeling: You wake in the morning, do your errands, and as you have already read from many productivity articles, you might even write your ToDo list for the day, thinking that today will be super productive.

But as the day progresses, it’s already afternoon and you still yet to get into your tasks, which you just keep putting off, finding yourself randomly browsing the internet, Facebook, refreshing gmail, or randomly chatting up people on Skype.

And you feel even more stressed and guilty that you wasted so many precious hours without doing useful things…


How could we become more efficient at doing the things?

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Where do you think your feelings come from?

I had my most random trip ever couple days ago. With a friend of mine, we booked a flight ticket to San Andres island two hours before departure, and ran to the airport to catch the flight. Which we accomplished successfully and had an amazing adventure for 3 days there.

I recorded a video blog on a subject which inevitably comes up in my coaching conversations with people, as once a person gets a deeper insight into this their whole reality changes.

So I wanted to cover this in a video, which I haven’t done before yet. Usually I love having this conversation with a person / group of people, and go deeper until they start to get it, but I’m experimenting now with putting this into writing and video on my site.

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Is burning motivation needed to reach your goal?

Last week I had an interesting conversation with an awesome client of mine. Before we started the work couple weeks ago we clarified what vision he is after.

It included playing at least 133 spin&go games a day, improving his game, eating healthy and working out, dating great women, and enjoying life.

So we set out to make this vision a reality. We started first by focusing only on having the 133 games/day down, and not stressing about the other areas. It’s much better to just focus on one area first, implement the right systems there, and be easy about the other areas, instead of putting expectations on yourself.

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